Professional Production Assistance in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei

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The Fixers

Eric Madeja

Eric Madeja brings Swiss precision and detail to every aspect of your production. He is no stranger to managing very large projects and being a cameraman - producer himself, he has the foresight to plan the crews various different needs in advance. Eric speaks fluent Malaysian, Indonesian, English and German and has an excellent understanding of people, culture and ecology in Southeast Asia, being based in the region for almost 20 years.
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Eric Thein

Eric Thein is a veteran when it comes to Borneo broadcast productions. Over the years he has provided his knowledge to pretty much all major natural history and infotainment production firms from the US and the UK. The extensive network he has built in 40 years is priceless, especially when it comes to dealing with the government and official authorities.
His extensive knowledge of Borneo’s wildlife comes from actual interaction, not from books. On location, he is known to make things magically happen.
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Cheryl Madeja

Cheryl Madeja is doing all the magic in the background to ensure all the paperwork is in order. She liaises with government agencies, suppliers, drivers, talents, guides, crew to get everyone up to date.
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